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18th National Congress Of The Communist Party Of China

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7 Deadly Sins of Corporate Mismanagement

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Act East and India's North-East

Captures the essence of India's transition from Looking East to Acting East in the context of the (NER) and the opportunities and the limitations that it brings with it. Chapters give an overview of India's Act East Policy from an economic and strategic perspective and enumerate on issues and areas whereby the North-Eastern states can effectively contribute to India's Act East Policy.
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Afghanistan in Transition: Beyond 2014?

Brings together varied Afghan voices to set the agenda, address critical gaps in the ongoing inteqal process, 2012-14 and suggest alternate course of action by setting a forward looking agenda, beyond 2014. The strength of this volume stems from the contributions by experts and practitioners from the field, providing an in-depth analysis of the perceptions, needs and preparedness on the ground.
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Afghanistan Pakistan India: A Paradigm Shift

Offers an in-depth study of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, examining the past and the current (increasingly) deteriorating political, security and economic situation. Among various facts that unfold during the course of this work, what comes to light is that, at times, the outdated and miscalculated policies of the governments have played a major role in the current disharmonious situation.
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Afghanistan the Challenge

Afghanistan is located at the crossroads of Central, South and West Asia, and sharing its borders with central Asia on the North, Chinese province of Xinjiang in the East, Iran on the West and South West, and pakistan as well as Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
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After Abbottabad: Terror to Turmoil in Pakistan

The US strike at Abbottabad which resulted in the elimination of Osama bin Laden was a turning point in the war of terror that began post 9/11. However, the relationship between Pakistan and the US was strained to a large extent because the US kept the Pakistan forces out of the loop about the strike at the compound.
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Aftermath of a Nuclear Attack

Aims to demystify aspects and effects of nuclear weapons so that civil and military defence planners have a reasonable idea about the scale and magnitude of disaster that will follow a nuclear attack. As a natural corollary, the book examines the type and nature of post-attack disaster management operations that may have to be launched following a counter-value strike.
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