Mudrarakshasa of Visakhadatta

It includes the commentary of Dhundiaja, English translation, critical and explanatory notes, Introduction and various readings.
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ISBN: 9789395458405
GTIN: 9789395458405
AuthorKale, M.R.
Pub Date25/05/2024
Country of OriginIndia
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They Mudrarakshasa, unlike the majority of Sanskrit plays, is purely a political drama. It has for its theme, besides elevation of Chandragupta to the throne of Magadha, wining over of Rakashsa, the hostile minister of the Nanda dynasty to the side of Chandragupta and adoption of measures to strenghen the rule by Chankaya, the renowned politician of his times. In the words of H.H. Wilson. It is a historical or political drama and represents a curious staste of public morals, in wich fraud and assassination are the simple means by which inconvenient obligations are open enemies removed. It is not howere, that such acts are not held in themselves as crimies or that their perpetrators, if instigated by vugar vice or ferocity, are not condemned as culprits; it is only when the commission of the crime proposes a political end that it is represented as venial and is compatible with an amiable.