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Anatomy And Physiology Of Yogic Practices

This book would help the reader: (1) To learn the basic structure and various functions of the body.
£19.99 excluding shipping

Bhartrhari's One Hundred Verses on Love

Bhartrhari was perhaps the first poet who broke the norm of not using Sanskrit for romantic literature.
£59.50 excluding shipping

Contributions To Jaina Studies

The articles are here republished in a thematic sequence.
£43.99 excluding shipping

God In Nyaya And Christianity: A comparative study with special reference to udayana and aquinas

How God is conceived in one tradition is different from the other and therefore it should be studied comparatively.
£15.99 excluding shipping

Lighthouse Of Bhagavad-Gita: Transcend the ocean of worldly life

Dhr?taras?t?ra considered these flawed people to be ‘mine.’ Arjuna has virtuous mind, pure intellect, firm obedience, and the trait of not condemning anyone unnecessarily. Yudhis??hira is truthful, modest, and upright.
£15.99 excluding shipping

Theory Of Karma Revisited

The complex aspects of the theory and their problematic implications have been discussed at some length.
£17.99 excluding shipping