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Ayurvedic Healing Methods: Marma Chikitsa

Without the help of medicine Marma Chikitsa is the easiest way to control the disease as it works by patient's own vital points.
£35.99 excluding shipping

Earth As Lamp: The formations of srivaisnavism and other essays

On central techniques and topics within the self-transforming world of Sanskrit poetry (always in relation to the Prakrits.
£52.50 excluding shipping

Grammar Of Epic Sanskrit

The book at hand tries to give such a comprehensive and systematically organized description of the peculiarities of the Epic language and the features that distinguish it from Vedic and standard Paninian Sanskrit.
£52.50 excluding shipping

Opera Omnia: Buddhism

The second section features a detailed study entitled The Silence of the Buddha, representing a response to the modern-day approach defined as “religious atheism”.
£45.50 excluding shipping

Opera Omnia: Christianity

By this we certainly do not mean to say that Christianity does not ‘have’ its own doctrine, we merely wish to emphasise the fact that it ‘is’ much more than all this, much more than a concept, an essence or a series of formulas or dogmas.
£45.50 excluding shipping

Opera Omnia: Mysticism and spirituality

Man also discovers, however, a divine element that is both immanent and transcendent.
£45.50 excluding shipping

Our Guruji Swami Purnanandaji Maharaj

He asked for any form of acknowledgement should be placed at the holy feet or ‘Paduka’ of Sri Guruji Maharaj.
£35.99 excluding shipping