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Abdent in politics and power: Political exclusion of Indian Muslims

Finally, the book advocates for inclusive democracy and social democracy, as advocated by Dr. Ambedkar to eradicate inequality in politics and to have an all-representative government.
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Abhinavagupta Para-trisika-vivarana: the Secret of Tantric Mysticism

This Abhinavagupta's masterpiece will not only be a milestone in the study of Kashmir Saivism, but it also makes available one of the major mystical texts of the Indian tradition to readers interested in philosophy and spirituality.
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Al-Hind The Making of the Indo-Islamic World: Early Medieval India and the Expansion of Islam 7th-11th Centuries

The growth and development of a world economy in and around the Indian Ocean – with India at its center and the Middle East and China as its two dynamic poles – was effected by continued economic, social, and cultural integration into ever wider and more complex patterns under the aegis of Islam.
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Al-Hind The Making of the Indo-Islamic World: Indo-Islamic Society 14th-15th Centuries

Inchoate and instable urbanism, highly volatile and itinerant elites of nomadic origin, far-flung merchant diasporas, and a famine- and disease-prone peasantry whose life was a gamble on the monsoon.
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Al-Hind The Making of the Indo-Islamic World: The Slave Kings and the Islamic Conquest 11th-13th Centuries

Islamic conquest and trade laid the foundation for a new type of Indo-Islamic society in which the organizational forms of the frontier and of sedentary agriculture merged in a way that was uniquely successful in the late medieval world at large, setting the Indo-Islamic world apart from the Middle East and China in the same centuries.
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Beyond The Myth : Indian Business Communities In Singapore

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Cases Illustrative of Oriental life: Decided in H.M. Supreme Court at Bombay

The motives, reasonings, and action of the Indians displayed in broad daylight, he felt, would be an inestimable advantage in the administration of justice.
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Caste System Untouchability and the Depressed

And finally, what were The problems inherent in the transformation of untouchability under British colonial rule and the subsequent development of the liberation movements of the depressed castes which constitute the modern phase of the problem of untouchability?
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