Learn Penetration Testing with Python 3.x: An ethical hacker’s blueprint for offensive security

Exciting coverage on red teaming methodologies and penetration testing techniques. Explore the exploitation development environment and process of creating exploit scripts.
Publisher: BPB Publications
ISBN: 9789355519436
GTIN: 9789355519436
AuthorElghaly, Yehia
Pub Date27/06/2024
Country of OriginIndia
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This book starts with an understanding of penetration testing and red teaming methodologies, and teaches Python 3 from scratch for those who are not familiar with programming. The book also guides on how to create scripts for cracking and brute force attacks. The second part of this book will focus on network and wireless level. The book will teach you the skills to create an offensive tool using Python 3 to identify different services and ports. You will learn how to use different Python network modules and conduct network attacks. In the network monitoring section, you will be able to monitor layer 3 and 4. Finally, you will be able to conduct different wireless attacks. The third part of this book will focus on web applications and exploitation developments. It will start with how to create scripts to extract web information, such as links, images, documents etc. We will then move to creating scripts for identifying and exploiting web vulnerabilities and how to bypass web application firewall.