Information for Authors

Help & Advice For Authors

We are passionate about Indian books and the Indian publishing industry, so frequently get approached by authors looking for ways to promote or publish their books.

This page contains some brief advice for aspiring authors – but we must emphasise that Motilal Books are an import/export company only.

  • We are not a book publisher
  • We are not a literary agent or book promotion company.

So we can’t help you publish your book, prepare a manuscript for publication or promote a self-published title. Nor can we act as an agent on your behalf with an Indian publishing company.

What We Do

What we do is purchase already published titles from our publishing partners in India and Southeast Asia, and make them available at trade rates to distributors, independent booksellers and educational organisations in the UK, America, Australia and elsewhere.

Have A Book To Publish? How To Get Started

If you’ve written a book or have a manuscript you’re working on, congratulations! The good news is that Indian publishing houses are always on the lookout for upcoming talent and are normally open-minded about submissions. Competition is intense but for talented writers the door is still open for potential book contracts even with major publishers .

We recommend several things to help you on the way to publication:

  1. Choose your Genre and Context

  2. Write a Pitch

  3. Promote Yourself

  4. Approach The Top Publishers

  5. Approach a Specialist Publisher

  6. Seek Out a Literary Agent

  7. Finally, Don’t Give Up

Good Luck