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Data Structure Using C

Before solving a problem, a major decision is taken about which data structure will be used to represent the data. In this book, multiple stacks and multiple queues are added to represent more complex data structures.
£34.95 excluding shipping

Database Management Systems**

Offers an insight into the DBMS concepts. This book intends to familiarize the readers with the concepts of database normalization, concurrency control, deadlock handling and recovery, the equivalence amongst Relational Algebra, Tuple Relational Calculus, and SQL. It provides an overview of the issues related to distributed-databases.
£5.99 excluding shipping

Electrical Workshop

Covers the Indian electricity rules, electrical safety, electric shock and cures, tools, symbols, DC batteries and maintenance, preventive maintenance of substation equipment and DG sets, and automobile electrification. This book offers step-by-step instructions for conducting experiments along with brief relevant theory.
£9.99 excluding shipping

Instrumentation And Process Control

Comprising eight chapters, this text covers transducer signal selection, pneumatic transmitters, smart transmitters, special class thermocouple, nucleonic level gages, and electronic level gages; telemetry, particularly pneumatic transmissions; element control systems; and distributed control systems and instrumentation communication protocols.
£17.99 excluding shipping

Knowledge Engineering

The universe is full of different kinds of knowledge - tangible, intangible, conceptual, static, dynamic and many more. Knowledge engineering is an advancement of artificial intelligence (AI). This book describes various concepts of artificial intelligence, and other technical aspects of knowledge engineering and computer science.
£34.95 excluding shipping

Mechanical Engineering: Fundamentals

Explains the fundamentals of mechanical engineering for the undergraduate students of all branches of engineering. Coverage includes machine tool and fabrication processes; thermodynamics, IC engines and steam turbines; hydraulic turbines and pumps; refrigeration and air-conditioning; power transmission methods and devices; and stresses, strain, shear force and bending moment diagrams.
£30.95 excluding shipping

Practical Taxonomy Of Angiosperms

Presents the subject in a systematic manner with well labelled diagrams and flow charts. A sincere effort has been made to make this book more informative and useful by covering all the important aspects of the subject.
£19.99 excluding shipping