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Trading as: Ray's Books Of India Pvt Ltd


As a well known buyer of Indian Publishing for 30 years and widely known as ‘Mr Ray’, in 2014, Ray McLennan established Ray’s Books of India Pvt Ltd in order to increase the % of books ordered, actually supplied. Previously, for 18 years, Ray had used Motilal Banarsidas, India’s oldest publishers as the procurement agents for Motilal Books, a small UK company that only sold their titles to the Academic library system in the UK and Europe.

Our Delhi office is for the procurement of the maximum possible % of all orders from our U.K. Office. The parent company for both the U.K. and Indian operations is Moneysavers London Limited, 100% owned and operated by Ray McLennan

The Delhi office is small but very efficient with 8 employees, headed by Mr Bholaram Kandodia, who is the Director of all operations in India. He, and the his core team, Aakash, Shivani and Deepali, bring over 20 years experience at the heart of the Indian publishing scene.


That team procure all the titles needed from all over India, do quality control, pack and ship by air to Heathrow in the UK at least once a week, and also by sea every 2 months. This can involve 10-20,000 books a month including imports from Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Europe, USA, and from UK publishers. Shipments are sent daily to the book trade customers all over the UK and Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

We also have large sales in Nth America, with sea shipments every 10-14 days.  Our Delhi office also offers a retail and online service inside India. Delhi is the centre of the Indian Publishing Industry, but publishers are all over India, including from Ashrams, Universities, Government departments, and these days lots of small self published authors. 


Try to place your order on a Monday or Tues, to catch our shipping on Friday/Sat. That shipment will be picked up from Heathrow around Wed/Thurs, AND despatched to our customers Wed/Thurs/Fri/Mon. By using our own vehicles on both ends of these logistics, we can give the quickest possible service for all Books, on all Subjects. All sales are wholesale to book trade customers who then retail to individual customers. Retail sales and wholesale can be made on our UK web site; www.motilalbooks.com

If cost is not a consideration we can use a very quick courier service, From Delhi or the UK, but still allow at least 3 days if from main city to main city. We have had customers who are desperate and cost is not as important as supply! We can do it if the title is known to be available, AND only if prepaid. 

Publishers from outside Delhi will need to supply our Delhi facility at their own expense, but Motilal Books in the UK, covers all freight costs from India. Any publishers invoice to Ray’s book of India, must contain the isbn, title, binding, retail price in rupees and our discount.

Getting orders ready for the UK Office.


2 offices, one worldwide service!!