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Architecture of Ridges and Valleys: Myths and Realities of Himachal Pradesh

Dr. I P Singh and Dr. Minakshi Jain also look at the changing architectural character of its most important city Shimla and stress the need as to why the lost heritage and wisdom of the tradition not be restored.
£98.99 excluding shipping

Cambodia: India Outside India

These two ends have always been disconnected. Assimilating these aspects together this book explores the temples holistically. This makes this book significant in the field of architecture.
£89.99 excluding shipping

Dialogue with Architecture

He also emphasizes on the importance of being able to draw or colour like a child. He believes that simplicity is the key for designing beautiful buildings that can touch one's heart and have spiritual connections.
£34.99 excluding shipping

Shape Grammar and Space Syntax Approach in Contextual Design

The book establishes that the framework is logical in its methodical approach and would generate design genotypes, which would help architects and designers have design interventions in in-fill development to achieve congruence with the surrounding environment.
£98.99 excluding shipping

Space Under a Tree

This book attempts to decode the space under the trees by understanding the nuances of different perspectives, hence being situated within a geographical and disciplinary intersect.
£74.99 excluding shipping