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Hiv And Aids Q & A

The stigma attached to HIV and AIDS, and the sexual connotations associated with the condition, usually come in the way of seeking clear and reliable information. This book tackles a wide variety of issues related to HIV and AIDS so that people know how to protect themselves and when not to worry.
£9.99 excluding shipping


Pregnancy is a time for anticipation and celebration. It is also the time for the family to cope with this major change. This book informs women (and their partners) on what to do and expect when they are planning or going through a pregnancy.
£9.99 excluding shipping

Skin And Hair Care

The skin is the largest visible organ of the body and thus vulnerable to the vagaries of nature. People are usually more concerned about their skin and hair than about other aspects of health. This book attempts to answer a range of day-to-day queries - from the distress caused by depigmentation or baldness to the embarrassment of unwanted hair.
£9.99 excluding shipping