Boundary Lab: Inside the Global Experiment Called Sport

Nandan Kamath loves sport and passionately believes in its power to transform individuals, communities, nations. While not caught up in his lofty dreams and random thoughts, he spends his time as a Bangalore-based lawyer working with athletes, teams, federations and businesses.
ISBN: 9780670097951
GTIN: 9780670097951
AuthorKamath, Nandan
Pub Date25/04/2024
Country of OriginIndia
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Sport is a petri dish. In it, society tests not only human limits but also individual and collective attitudes and norms, often before they impact the wider world beyond the boundary. In its quest for universal rules, organized sport must regularly balance multiple interests and answer difficult questions. This helps sport—and through sport, society—to tweak laws, markets, morals and technological advances. The outcomes of the resulting debates influence the way we live, view each other, and organize our world. Why should we care about sport and its governance? Within the covers of Boundary Lab lie the answers.