Books From Elsewhere in Asia

Books From Elsewhere in Asia

For booksellers looking to offer something new and unique to their customers, We can offer a world of varied books out there from publishers in southern Asian countries.

 At Motilal Books, we are best known for our extensive catalogue of English language books from publishers in India, which now runs to more than 60,000 titles.

 However, our passion for interesting books does not stop there.

We also regularly import a diverse catalogue of books from several other countries in South east Asia, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.  These books cover a great span of literary topics. The vast region stretching from Pakistan in the West to Myanmar in the East is undergoing a creative cultural renaissance.  Their English language publishing is driven by the spread of democracy, increased prosperity and connection to a global exchange of ideas through the internet and all other social and mainstream media.

The result is a growing middle class and diaspora population accustomed to think, read and communicate in English. Authors from South Asian countries tap into the rich cultural heritage of their native traditions and use them as the backdrop for a new and authentic vision of modern, 21st-Century life.

All the bestselling titles in the UK are also best sellers in India and South Asia, but in addition around half of the Indian best sellers are very popular with our western based customers.

Why Stock Asian Books?

Readers of every ethnic and cultural heritage will enjoy reading English books by Asian authors. In fact, Asian authors frequently feature in internationally recognised bestseller lists for both fiction and non-fiction titles. Asian book titles are available in high quality imprints at competitive rates, letting you diversify your book catalogue and attract new customers.

In addition to imports from the above countries, we are sometimes asked to find titles or subjects from Bhutan, Myanmar, and Afghanistan.

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