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Hindus in Hindu Rashtra: Eighth-Class Citizens and Victims of State- Sanctioned Apartheid

The land’s original inhabitants, where the judiciary says it is too late to prosecute those who raped, murdered, and ethnically cleansed lacs of Hindus?
£16.99 excluding shipping

Nastik: Why I Am Not an Atheist

The book delves into the differences between Western and Eastern scepticism, highlighting how Eastern traditions offer a nuanced view that accommodates doubt within a spiritual framework.
£21.99 excluding shipping

Somewhere Among the Stars: Recollections of a Mystic

As Ahana gradually withdraws into silence, this Sophie's World meets Indian mysticism mesmerizes you with its depth. If there ever was a beautiful, simple story to introduce Vedanta and explain our existence, then this is the one.
£15.99 excluding shipping