Bihar School Of Yoga

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50 Years of yoga chakra

To make yoga the culture of tomorrow for the welfare of humankind- that was the intention , purpose and vision of sri swami satyananda. After 50 years , the tomorrow is now here and bihar school of yoga is ready to turn the wheel of yoga.
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Application of Yoga 2000-2009

Yoga does not beliefs; it goes by investigations and discoveries.
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At the Feel of My Beloved Guru

£9.50 excluding shipping

Bhakti Yoga Book: A Bhakta's Joy and Discipline

The Bhakta-aspirant continues to mould his everyday life by practising the sadhana of the nine-fold path of bhakti yoga. The last chapter describes the 'age of bhakti' the current age , in which bhakti yoga is the predominent branch of yoga and the means to a future of peace and plenty for humankind.
£14.99 excluding shipping

Bhakti Yoga Book: A guide to sadhana in daily life

Suggestions are given on how to introduce children to bhakti yoga,and practice sheets which help to record one's practice and thereby guide the aspirant towards improving the quality of life.
£7.50 excluding shipping

Bhakti Yoga Book: A World of Emotions

Those who have bravely travelled and reached the destination are the bhaktas of all times and traditions. Their lives shine as an inspiration to all seekers desirous to discover, experience and express bhakyi yoga.
£14.99 excluding shipping

Bhakti Yoga Book: Experience of the Heart

Bhakti yoga is seen in relation to other branches of yoga, to religious traditions of the world and to the classical indian scriptures. Bhakti yoga opens the door of the heart allowing it to sicover and express its full potential in the form of love, devotion and compassion.
£19.99 excluding shipping

Bhakti Yoga Book: In search of Bhakti

With each practice one is able to further fine -tune one's nature and interactions in life, and come closer to the experience of Bhakti.
£14.99 excluding shipping