Animal Farm

Help new readers wave goodbye to their misconceptions of great literature being dry tales by introducing our vivid and witty covers and bright illustrations accompanying the lively and accessible retold text.
Publisher: Adarsh Books
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ISBN: 9788187138754
GTIN: 9788187138754
AuthorOrwell, George
Pub Date01/01/2004
Country of OriginIndia
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All the animals were looking forward to the new, happy lives they would lead when Mr Jones's rule over them came to an end. When the animals get rid of Mr. Jones and take over the farm, they are excited by their new freedom. But can they run the farm with tools that are designed for humans? Will they be able to harvest the food that they need for the winter? The farmers decide to band together to win back the farm for Mr. Jones. Will the animals be able to fight them off? Can life on Animal Farm be as wonderful as they had all hoped for - or will new dangers threaten their happiness?