Across the South of Asia: A Volume in Honor of Professor Robert L. Brown

The articles are united only by their focus on art – historical and archaeological concerns and their concentration on South Asia – ranging from Afghanistan to the island kingdoms of Indonesia.
Publisher: D.K.Printworld
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ISBN: 9788124610053
GTIN: 9788124610053
AuthorDeCaroli, Robert
Pub Date24/02/2024
Country of OriginIndia
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All too often, modern scholarship limits its scope according to the boundaries of contemporary nations and current geopolitical borders. Academic expertise frequently ties itself artificially to these pre-defined spaces and in so doing often does a disservice to the past. It is no great revelation to point out that people of the past defined the limits of their political and cultural reach in ways that were very different from those found on modern maps. Ancient rulers, merchants, and priests understood the reach of their influence and defined foreignness in ways that would be deeply unfamiliar to those only knowledgeable of the modern world. Yet, despite the well-recognized truth in these observations, it is still relatively rare for scholars to research in ways that transcend modern boundaries. This collection of essays invites readers to take a broad view of South Asian art and culture by providing a wide geographic and chronological scope.