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Care for Creation: An Islamic Perspective

So, we can ask ourselves what is the source of the Maldives beautiful coral reefs and marine ecology; some of the most spectacular in the world, attracting millions of visitors from different destinations?
£15.50 excluding shipping

Comunità intenzionali, ecovillaggi e cohousing

It is a scrupulous map of groups of people who decided to share — in different manners — principles, spaces, goods and money, testing the suggestive challenges of the communal living.
£14.99 excluding shipping

I miei anni con Gesù: Un vangelo psicosintetico

The author tries to enucleate the deep truths hidden in parables and allegories Jesus left to humanity about the nature of man and his link with the divine source.
£14.99 excluding shipping

Jesus in India?: One Question, Several Answers

£16.50 excluding shipping