Vastu: Energize Your Home and Office with Nature's Heavenly Influences

Publisher: Goloka Books
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ISBN: 9780952758013
GTIN: 9780952758013
AuthorSchmieke, Marcus
Pub Date01/03/2002
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
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Vastu in Sanskrit means Nature and the surrounding environment, and Vaastu (with a long a) means the art of building in harmony with Nature.The ancient science of Vastu is quite simply an art of protection and enhancement, avoiding Mother Natures negative forces while imbibing Her positive influences when residing or working in a building.Nature has the final say in every dualistic aspect of our lives: success and failure, wealth and poverty, gain and loss, friends and enemies, happiness and distress, fame and infamy, are all proportionately issued to each and every individual by Nature.Having good Vastu empowers you to harmonise with Nature, balancing the positives and negatives that consequently activate improvements in health, wealth, prosperity, spirituality, influence, energy levels, fame, learning, and relationships.Apply the great science of Vastu in your office or home, the places where we spend most of our lives, and see the difference for yourself. There is virtually nothing to lose and much quality of life to be gained.