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1971. 1999. War Stories

Unfiltered and unbiased, these are personal war accounts straight from the soldiers who participated in these conflicts.
£21.50 excluding shipping

9 Selected Detective Stories

Thrilling and haunting in equal measure, these stories won’t leave the reader’s mind after the last page has been turned.
£13.99 excluding shipping

Alex Drake and Friends: The Lost Cabin

Alex was not looking for trouble. But it seems like it follows him wherever he goes. With no other options left, guess there’s only one place to escape... A new mission, a new experience, a new concept— The Lost Cabin.
£13.99 excluding shipping

Baby Steps To Big Dreams: Essential Conversations For Modern Parents

This book on parenting conversations is intended to act as a reference tool for parents, to make them better equipped to navigate the developmental years of their children from birth to teenage years.
£19.99 excluding shipping

Battlefield India: 25 Years of Politricks and Economix

Included as well are the acerbic cartoonist Abu Abraham, the inimitable political commentator Cho Ramaswamy, and the ever eloquent MP Shashi Tharoor.
£31.99 excluding shipping

Battlefield Jaffna: Abandoned, They Fought

Battlefield Jaffna takes you into the heart of the struggle, right in the middle of the most brutal, intense and dirty battle fought in Sri Lanka. It is a story of men without bullets—of men with only their courage left to defend themselves as the battle wore on.
£17.50 excluding shipping

Bear Wore a Swimsuit

How she managed a husband and two children is a mystery, although she acknowledges various helpers, always bringing them to life in fascinating detail. Many vignettes of people have been described in a manner not to be forgotten.
£19.99 excluding shipping

Begum Samru: A Reign of Romance, Royalty and Restrain

Her story has its fair share of war, politics and diplomacy alongside love, betrayal, conspiracies and ruthlessness.
£19.99 excluding shipping