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Clean Transport in India: The Pathway to Sustainable Transport

At the same time, the book is not a prophet of doom but also touches upon electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, drones, and even flying cars. Instead of fretting and fuming when you are caught in a traffic jam, read this book: it will not only calm you but, who knows, may inspire you to be a ‘green’ commuter.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Coal: Phase down or phase out

transport of coal and electricity Coal mining in India Legal framework Regulation Industry structure and trends in production and imports Coal price.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Dilemmas in Dealing with Climate Change in India

A must-read for those looking for a source that explains climate change simply, clearly, and concisely.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Energy Efficiency Matters

The book also advises you on planning, designing, decorating or refurbishing your home to minimize electricity use while delivering the desired comfort and guides you on publicly available resources to learn more about energy efficiency.
£11.99 excluding shipping

From Lattus to Lasers: Realising India's Electricity Potential

This book asks a few inconvenient questions and provides some out-of-the-box solutions with the intention of enlarging the public debate around how the electricity sector should be regulated and developed going forward.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Green Homes and Workplaces

The authors aim to demystify the concepts and empower everyone to think and live green. For example, are you worried about polluted air indoors? Try a couple of houseplants. Living on the top floor? Try a reflective paint that can lower the inside temperature by at least a couple of degrees.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Nutraceuticals in Human Health: let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

This little book even shows you how to read the label pasted on a bottle of medicine and answers a number of frequently asked questions on consuming nutraceuticals.
£11.99 excluding shipping