South Asia File: A Colonial Paradigm of Indian History Altering the Mindset of the Indic People

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ISBN: 9788184540857
GTIN: 9788184540857
AuthorVepa, Kosla
Pub Date31/12/2009
Country of OriginIndia
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It is a tribute to the persistence and tenacity of the colonial overlords, hailing from a nondescript island of the northwest coast of the vast Eurasian landmass, that the prevailing paradigm on the origins and chronology of the Indic civilization is largely constructed by them. This is all the more astonishing, when we ponder on the fact that their domination of the subcontinent, which had a tradition going back several millennia lasted less than two centuries. Such a paradigm which we shall define as the Colonial paradigm, while substantially erroneous, is posited on certain assumptions. The key assumption is that the Indic civilization that remains extant has been brought into the area by migrating races such as the Aryans, and in fact some would argue, that such a statement holds also for the so called Dravidians of India. The second assumption implicit in all the assertions made by Occidentals about India is that no date for any significant scientific advance should be attributed to the Indics prior to the Golden age of Greece beginning in 600 BCE.