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Most of What you Know About Addiction is Wrong

Most of What You Know About Addiction is Wrong sends out a set of well-researched, informed and timely messages about how mature societies should be handling addictive drugs. This makes the book essential reading for policy makers, politicians, health professionals as well as general readers everywhere.
£17.50 excluding shipping

My Invented Land: New and Selected Poems

tracing his poetic arc from the deeply personal to the political, from chronicles of private joys, sorrows and everyday epiphanies to the poetry of witness that gazes unflinchingly at the realities that haunt the Northeast, his native land.
£13.99 excluding shipping

Never Tell Them we are the Same people: Notes on Pakistan

So while the army was now led by non-fanatical professional, religious fundamentalists with little electoral clout could still openly hurl obscenities about Benazir at a PPP rally.
£14.99 excluding shipping

New Age of Bakasur

Urgent, racy and often witty, this novel will strike a chord with every concerned reader invested in the future of India.
£13.99 excluding shipping

Nimmi’s Crawful Camping Days

Caught up in rain, hunger pangs and a splendidly collapsing tent, will Nimmi come back home in one piece to tell the tale?Filled with dramatic and tender moments Nimmi’s Crawful Camping Days is a laugh-out-loud treat and a spectabulous addition to the well-loved series about Nimmi Daruwala.
£9.99 excluding shipping

On Leaders And Icons From Jinnah To Modi

£16.50 excluding shipping

On Leaders and Icons: From Jinnah to Modi

Interspersed with these political reminiscences are delightful accounts of Meena Kumari’s encounter with Shastri on the sets of Pakeezah.
£12.99 excluding shipping


The individual stories of these women converge and diverge as they claim the right to their own lives.
£13.99 excluding shipping