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2 States: The Story Of My Marriage

The book details the quintessential Indian parents, the way marriages generally work in India and the two varied cultures beautifully; it also goes on to show that far beyond religion and creed, love keeps fighting for its place.
£5.99 excluding shipping

A New Silk Road: India, China And The Geopolitics Of Asia

£24.99 excluding shipping

Andamanush Nicobarese: An Island Travenovel

Andamanush Nicobarese is a travelogue and novel rolled into one, where the lines between reality and imagination no longer matter.
£15.99 excluding shipping

Anne of Green Gables

The author's vivid imagination and innocent chatter makes her character relatable. Delve into this book to witness the rollercoaster that Anne's life was.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Arribada: The Arrival

When we open our hearts to love and trust, we begin to understand who we really are, our life purpose and our inter-connectedness with everything in the environment.
£15.99 excluding shipping

Autobiography of a Yogi

It has been in print for the last seventy years and has been translated into over forty languages. It has been highly acclaimed as a spiritual classic.
£8.99 excluding shipping

Candide and Other Selected Writings

As the greatest French writer of all time, Voltaire's oeuvre ranges from plays and poems to historical and scientific works. This intellectual capability drips down into the structural intricacies of his writings which have withstood the temporal and spatial boundaries.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Cheeku The Rabbit: 24 handpicked stories

He is curious about science and introduces innovative ideas in Champakvan. He is an unofficial advisor to the king, the forest and his friends. Let’s encourage the Cheeku in us to be innovative, kind and rational.
£11.99 excluding shipping