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Arts Patronage in India: Methods, Motives and Markets

Contributors to this volume are scholars and artists who have studied intensely and written about India's performing arts.
£38.50 excluding shipping

Assembly of Rivals: Delhi Lucknow and the Urdu Ghazal

This book is not merely an indepth study of literary trends in the two great centers; it also provides a glimpse of the historical and cultural traditions of the areas studied.
£38.50 excluding shipping

Hindustani Music: Thirteen to Twentieth Centuries

Covering eight centuries, this 736-page volume has a comprehensive introduction and extensive bibliographies. With such a variety of topics and source materials, it is invaluable for anyone interested in Hindustani music and its history.
£122.50 excluding shipping

Music of Hindostan

The history of Indian music, scale, mode, various ragas, grace, tala, drumming, ethos and structure of some of the oldest music, forms, and lastly the laws of melody in Indian music.
£52.50 excluding shipping

Odissi and the Geeta Govinda

The dance’s lyrical quality and its emotional appeal steeped in a long history of association with devotional and spiritual values make it an ideal form of visual expression for the literary content of the poem. About the Author
£55.99 excluding shipping

Satyajit Ray: Essays 1970-2005

it was felt mandatory to include two articles on the subject, one discussing the situation of the film societies today, and the other, inspired by Satyajit Ray, and proposing a programme of media education for a new type of film society.
£47.50 excluding shipping