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50 Years Of Crossing A Bridge Of Dreams

£3.00 excluding shipping

Account of an Embassy to the Kingdom of Ava in the Year 1795

He recorded in this book what he saw and experienced. The book is a mine of information of Burma and its inhabitants – their religion, their customs, their family life, the crops they grew, the king and his court, and politics, etc.
£76.99 excluding shipping

Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul: Being the Substance of Observations Made During a Mission to that Country in the Year 1793

Kirkpatrick discusses the temple towns and village life, customs, and mannerisms of the Nepalese people. The book also covers the language, tribal communities, numis­matics, and religion of the country.
£31.99 excluding shipping

Adaptation of the Jarawa to Andaman Islands

The current work discusses the impact of contact on the resource base, health, population, habits, and material culture of the Jarawa in the post-hostility phase (post-1997 period).
£47.50 excluding shipping

Agrarian System of the Sikhs: Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century

Its administration and landed rights. Significantly, women figure in some of these situations. This study concludes with reference to continuities and changes since the Mughal times.
£31.50 excluding shipping

Air Defence Gunners at War: India-Pakistan War 1971

The narrative is woven together, making use of official records and personal recollections, as it tells the captivating story of the Air Defence Artillery in the biggest military conflict fought between India and Paki-stan to date.
£46.50 excluding shipping

Akbar Nama of Abu-L-Fazl

It touches upon not only Akbar as an Emperor but also throws light upon the social customs and traditions as well as the military, statecraft and diplomatic measures undertaken by the great Emperor.
£43.50 excluding shipping

Alberuni's India: An Account of the Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Geography, Chronology, Astronomy, Customs, Law and Astrology of India about AD 1030

It can be visualized from Alberuni's account that he was conscious of not allowing a place to any kind of religious enthusiasm bordering on fanaticism and the racial superiority complex in his survey. Due to this character the account of Alberuni has proved to be the best among the records made by any foreigner.
£69.99 excluding shipping