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How I Topped the UPSC and How You Can Too

A book not just for all UPSC candidates but also for anyone giving competitive exams, How I Topped the UPSC is a no-holds barred book full of so many hacks and so much honesty – you won’t need anything else to succeed.
£12.50 excluding shipping

India Versus China: Why They Are Not Friends

In this lucid, informative, and insightful book, a leading expert on the subject decodes the complex history of India–China relations and argues that the path ahead is a difficult one that could see more military confrontations, including violent border clashes.
£17.50 excluding shipping

Indian Conservative: An Impressionistic Survey of Indian Right-Wing Thought

Lively, eloquent and provocative, this is a book that will stimulate much thought, discussion and debate as it challenges the dogmas of the left and the extreme right and raises the key issues that engage India today.
£17.99 excluding shipping

Living Air: The Pleasures of Birds and Birdwatching

The Living Air is the first book released by Juggernaut and Indian Pitta, India’s first dedicated book imprint for bird lovers, policy makers, and conservationists.
£21.50 excluding shipping

Lost Paradise: Selected Ghazals

Many of his poems became iconic songs making him a celebrated songwriter. In this marvellous translation of his works into English, acclaimed novelist Amitabha Bagchi brings Muneer’s melancholic, dark, hauntingly beautiful verses alive for a new readership.
£23.99 excluding shipping

Money wise: Timeless Lessons on Building Wealth

Written in Shenoy’s trademark style, Money Wise is a book as much fun to read as it is informative. If you want to start investing, this is the book for you. If you have already started, then read this and up your game.
£17.50 excluding shipping

My Life as a Comrade: The Story of an Extraordinary Politician and the World That Shaped Her

Simply and grippingly written, My Life as a Comrade will be one of the country’s most important political memoirs, one that sheds light not just on a brilliant politician but the society and the world that shaped her.
£23.99 excluding shipping

Paradise of Food

But to describe the novel in its plot is to do its originality no justice. In this profoundly daring work – tense, mysterious, even unfathomable on occasion – Jawed builds an atmosphere of gloom and grotesqueness to draw out his themes. And in doing so he penetrates deep into the dark heart of middle-class Muslims today.
£21.50 excluding shipping