Holy Qur'an: Arabic Text with English Translation

Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
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ISBN: 9788171512188
GTIN: 9788171512188
AuthorAli, Abdullah Yusuf
Pub Date31/12/2000
Country of OriginIndia
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The Holy Quran with Original Arabic Text and English Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali is a popular and widely used translation of the Quran. This edition of the Quran includes the original Arabic text of the Quran along with a side-by-side English translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Abdullah Yusuf Ali was a renowned scholar and translator of the Quran who spent many years studying the Arabic language and Islamic theology. His translation of the Quran is widely regarded as one of the most accurate and accessible translations available in English.This edition of the Quran is an ideal resource for those who wish to study the Quran in its original language while also gaining a deeper understanding of its meaning and teachings through the English translation. The Arabic text is presented in a clear and readable font, with English translations provided for each verse by its side. At the beginning of every Surah there is brief introduction which give the reader valuable Information about the Surah such as the number of verses, the significance and the meanings of its name, origin of the Surah, etc. In addition to the Quranic text and translation, this edition includes a Preface by Abdullah Yusuf Ali written to the first edition in 1934. The book also includes list of contents, list of 30 parts of the Holy Quran and their page numbers, list of Suras (chapters) of the Holy Quran their corresponding page numbers and part numbers, transliteration of Arabic words and names and an extensive Index at the end that explain key terms and provide additional context for readers. Overall, "The Holy Quran with Arabic Text and English Translation" by Abdullah Yusuf Ali is an essential resource for anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the Quran and Islamic theology.