Folklore of Bombay

It contains infor­mation about the meanings attached to dreams and beliefs regarding 'good' and 'bad' omen, widespread belief in witchcraft and the evil eye, rites for bringing or averting rain, the use of amulets, and other beliefs and practices.
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ISBN: 9789390729456
GTIN: 9789390729456
AuthorEnthoven, R.E.
Pub Date22/09/2023
Country of OriginIndia
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This book is a compilation of the superstitions and beliefs among the people of Bombay Presidency with the exception of Sind, during the colonial times, regarding celestial objects such as the sun, moon, stars, earth, rivers, etc., and the rites adopted to propitiate these divine beings. The Brahmins served to propitiate the great gods of the Hindu pantheon such as Shiva or Brahma while the lower castes acted as ministrants to the minor godlings. It was usual to consult and be guided by exorcists when epidemics were feared, illness to be cured, or when precautions were required against witchcraft and spells. Another interesting feature of the book is the widespread belief in totemism.