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All He Left Me Was a Recipe

So, pour a glass of wine, get comfy and dive into a world that’ll make you laugh, shed a tear or two, and who knows, you might just find yourself along the way.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Angria: A Historical Odyssey

Kanhoji must rise above conspiracy, deceit, war and family politics to become the Samudratala Shivaji-‘Shivaji of the Seas’. An astounding debut, Angria is the tale of one of history’s most feared naval commanders.
£23.99 excluding shipping

Autobiography of God

This book is for you, dear reader, to destroy your self-limiting beliefs and realize your full potential.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Book of Body Positivity: How We Got It All Wrong and What We Can Do About It

The act of fat-shaming is so deceptive and rife with misinformation that even most healthcare professionals are part of the problem. It’s time to change the conversation.
£15.99 excluding shipping

Crime, Grime and Gumption: Case Files of an IPS Officer

Under his leadership, the Commissionerate system was established in Lucknow and Noida and Indian aid teams conducted relief operations in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. All in all, Singh’s journey has been marked by a concern for the people-whether the men under him or the citizens he served.
£19.99 excluding shipping

Fabulous Feasts, Fables and Family: A Culinary Memoir

Everyone would eat sitting cross-legged by a courtyard with tamarind and guava trees and the large thorny bushes of the sour kakronda berries.
£15.99 excluding shipping

Girl with Broken Dreams: Dream at Your Own Risk

Riveting and relentlessly paced, The Girl with Broken Dreams will appeal to readers who crave determined heroines, heart-stopping mysteries, and psychological thrillers with a mind-boggling final twist.
£11.99 excluding shipping

Journey to Adi Kailash

The Journey to Adi Kailash is compelling reading, and a book that holds a mirror to the greatness of India.
£23.99 excluding shipping