Drunk on Love: An Essential Introduction to the Life, Ideas and Poetry of Kabir

An essential introduction to the phenomenon that is 'Kabir', Drunk on Love presents the poet, as he is described, quoted and loved in popular imagination.
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ISBN: 9789356993679
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AuthorVipul, Rikhi
Pub Date25/09/2023
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KABIR is a name that has resounded powerfully in the Indic imagination for over 500 years. But who is Kabir? And what is it about his vision and his poetry that make him such a vital force, an irresistible voice? Drunk on Love argues that Kabir is not just one person but an idea that belongs to the people of India, who have preserved and nurtured it as a living tradition over an incredible span of time. In a flowing, conversational style, the book captures his life as told through popular legends, his poetry which has been quoted and translated extensively, and his vision, which it explores in depth through key concepts such as 'Jheeni', 'Raam', 'Guru', 'Sahaj', 'Shoonya', and others.