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Collaborative Learning and Teaching of Communicative Skills

Each moment in life is immortalized by seeing, believing, observing, listening to sounds - words, speeches, music; reading, understanding, learning; retaining and then recalling and recounting at the opportune moment the appropriate words.
£23.99 excluding shipping

Everything is Fair in Love

Though they take an attempt to give all they can, for each other but misunderstandings and assumptions turn out to be troublesome in their life.
£15.99 excluding shipping

Rozin Berry's Escapades

There is an upswing of new occurrences happening during her stay there at Ashberg. Will she be able to unravel this complex maze created in her life?
£12.99 excluding shipping

Suresh Bhat's While Rising the Sun: And Select Poems Translated into English

Suresh Bhat himself was extremely conscious of keeping the language of poetry elementary and uncomplicated to be enjoyed by the commoners.
£25.99 excluding shipping

Your Real Superpower is your Body

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ – hence this book shall act as a bible to let the young minds make the right food choices for a healthy mind and a well-balanced body.
£17.50 excluding shipping