Bihar School Of Yoga

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50 Years of yoga chakra

To make yoga the culture of tomorrow for the welfare of humankind- that was the intention , purpose and vision of sri swami satyananda. After 50 years , the tomorrow is now here and bihar school of yoga is ready to turn the wheel of yoga.
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Application of Yoga 2000-2009

Yoga does not beliefs; it goes by investigations and discoveries.
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At the Feel of My Beloved Guru

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Chapters of spirituality

Sprituality is a process of attaining inner purity, harmony, peace and contentment, through modification and transformation of the behaviours and attitudes that split the personality. this context is the process of purification that drive out inner disturbances and brings inner peace.
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Daan: Path to positivity and purity

Daan is unique in that it benefits not only the person who receives. The act of daan purifies the mind, sentiments, and emotions of the giver. The method , means and occasions to perform daan are explained so that all aspirants can practise according to their inclination and capacity.
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Development of Satyananda Yoga

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Dharma in life

The first sentence swami sivananda said to swami satyananda was ,”stay here and do hard work. Do hard seva. Do hard karma yoga. Once the dross of the mind is cleaned with karma yoga, the light will shine forth.’’ This is what happened . swami sivananda inspired all his disciples to tread the path of seva and the path of dharma.
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Dhyana Yantras: Tools for Meditation

This book is a selection of the more potent yantras, mandalas and mantras useful for a spiritual aspirant.
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