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Reports On India Tax Reforms

Contains reports on India's tax reforms.
£5.00 excluding shipping

Reports On India's Power Sector

Includes: Blueprint for Power Sector Development in India Vision 2012 - Power for All (Ministry of Power, Government of India, August 2001); Distribution Policy Committee Report; Report of the Expert Group on Settlement of SEB Dues; Report of the Expert Group on Restructuring of SEBs; and Electricity Bill - 2001.
£17.50 excluding shipping

Responsible Gglobal Governance**

Presents the view that the policies of continuous insufficient international economic co-operation and biased trade negotiations with LDC, and the unfocused and over-done reactions to eliminate terrorism as practised over the past several years by western leadership, are doomed to fail.
£12.50 excluding shipping

Select Essays On Indian Economy

Contains 24 selected essays which cover a range of topics such as agriculture, industry, planning, banking, finance, balance of payments, exchange rate policy, international monetary system, and others.
£4.00 excluding shipping

Small Scale Industry In India

Small businesses are treated as those productive activities whose stakeholders cannot access the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR), post-failure. This book presents the post-bankruptcy problems faced by the entrepreneur. It provides a holistic view about the small-scale entrepreneur and the problem of bankruptcy.
£3.00 excluding shipping

Spices In India Economy

£2.00 excluding shipping

Strategic Consequences Of India's E

£6.00 excluding shipping

Successful Governance Initiatives+b

Presents a compilation of Government initiatives from across the country. This work contains cases under 3 sections: Land, Water and Livelihood; Human Development and Social Services; and, Public Interface with Government. It aims to facilitate interstate comparisons and highlights the role of community participation, and self-help groups.
£2.00 excluding shipping