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Non-Alignment+peace Versus

Traces the peaks and troughs in the changing character of the bilateral relationship between the two democracies, India and Australia, in the post-world war period 1947 to 1975. This book aims to make a contribution to knowledge of international relations during the Cold War period, and the role played by Jawaharlal Nehru.
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Ongoings Development in Banking in Financial Sector

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Planning Commission Reports on Labour and Employment

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Poverty and Economic Reforms: The Social Concerns

Based on research carried out in a few villages in South India, when they were at the threshold of their economies and society being exposed to economic order. This work aims to examine the impact of economic reforms on the poor with a focus on levels and intensity of poverty, social dimensions of deprivation, food security and the role of MNCs.
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Reason and Reality: A Novel

Dr Watson is blown off in suicide bombing and a trial is held. Outraged at the culture of violence Lily runs for election to the legislature vowing to have a bill passed against public sale, possession and use of all kind of firearms. Lily wins the election but big money lobby defeats her legislation, and Lily embarks upon a 'Recall Campaign'.
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Report of the Committee on India Vision 2020

Examines many important issues which include employment and education. This work covers issues related to population growth, food production, health, vulnerable sections of the population, transport, communication, energy self-sufficiency, water conservation and air quality, trade investment, peace, security and governance.
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Report of the Steering Group on Foreign Direct Investment

A Co-Publication of Academic Foundation, New Delhi and Planning Commission, Government of India.
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Report on Corporate Governance

The concept of corporate governance has been attracting public attention for quite some time in India. In view of the increasing realisation of the importance of Corporate Governance, Academic Foundation has brought together eight important reports on the subject and also the Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002.
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