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Indian Independence

This book is essentially a collection of select articles by some of India's topmost economist and experts. It is supported with editorial notes and excerpts
£49.99 excluding shipping

Indian Mosaic: Searching for an Identity...

Presents a collection of writings on the 'Idea' of India. This volume includes papers that talk about what India stands for and about what it should stand for.
£21.95 excluding shipping

India's Banking and Financial Sector in the New Millennium

A set of two volumes that together present an overview of some of the challenging issues.
£217.00 excluding shipping

India's Economic Reforms and Development: Collection of Essays

Rapid economic growth and eradication of abject poverty have been the core concerns of India's polity and government. This is a collection of essays which provide an overview of evolution of this process culminating in the far-reaching reorientation of strategy and policies during the nineties.
£34.95 excluding shipping

India's Five Years Plans

£39.99 excluding shipping

India's Trade with Japan

£19.99 excluding shipping

Integrating The Rural Poor Into Mar

Agriculture may account for only 25 per cent of GDP. But 70 per cent of India's population earns a living from the rural sector. If there is a perception in India that liberalization has been anti-poor and pro-rich, that is largely because the agricultural cum rural sector has been untouched.
£34.99 excluding shipping

Money and Banking: Select Research Papers by the Economists of Reserve Bank of India

The Reserve Bank of India has promoted research right from the early years of its existence. This work includes research papers that have been prepared by some of the economists of the Bank.
£34.95 excluding shipping