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Indian Economy Documents Library

A CD that contains text of a collection of important Reports, Policy Documents, and Discussion Papers relating to various aspects of India's economy, especially: Industry, Finance, Banking, Capital Markets, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Economic Policy and Planning.
£70.00 excluding shipping

Indian Economy Since Independence

This book is essentially a collection of select articles by some of India's topmost economist and experts. It is supported with editorial notes and excerpts
£8.00 excluding shipping

Indian Economy+society In The Era O

Includes themes which cover both - established as well as new areas of research, and are presented together in six sections: Agriculture, Land Reforms and Anti-Poverty Programmes; Environment; Globalisation, Liberalisation and Trade; Macro Models and Growth; Population; and Secularism and Religion.
£6.00 excluding shipping

India's Banking+financial Sector In

A set of two volumes that together present an overview of some of the challenging issues.
£9.00 excluding shipping

India's Economic Reforms+developmen

Rapid economic growth and eradication of abject poverty have been the core concerns of India's polity and government. This is a collection of essays which provide an overview of evolution of this process culminating in the far-reaching reorientation of strategy and policies during the nineties.
£39.99 excluding shipping

India's Five Years Plans

£7.00 excluding shipping

India's Trade With Japan

£19.99 excluding shipping

Integrating The Rural Poor Into Mar

Agriculture may account for only 25 per cent of GDP. But 70 per cent of India's population earns a living from the rural sector. If there is a perception in India that liberalization has been anti-poor and pro-rich, that is largely because the agricultural cum rural sector has been untouched.
£34.99 excluding shipping