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Fdi Lin Retail Sector India

India is in the midst of a retail boom. The sector witnessed significant transformation - from small unorganised family-owned retail formats to organised retailing. This study investigates the structural, regulatory, fiscal and other barriers affecting the performance of retail trade and suggests reforms for the removal of such barriers.
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Financial Economics Of Bonus Share

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Food Security In Asian Countries: In The Context Of Millennium Goals

Having adopted the premise that factors determining food security can be best understood at the country level, this study was based on country case studies: two least developed countries (Cambodia and Nepal), two medium-income countries undergoing fast structural changes (Indonesia and Thailand), and one large and fast developing country (India).
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Gandhian Way: Peace, Non-Violence And Empowerment

Mahatma Gandhi's humane philosophy and inherent spirituality had a profound influence not only on the people of India but the freedom loving people worldwide. This volume endeavours to reach out and connect the people, especially the younger generation, to the 'Gandhian way' and to carry forward his legacy into the 21st century.
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Illustrated Compendium Of Prostheti**

A book on cardiothoracic surgery.
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India- Economic And Social Development

Addressing important themes, this volume contains a section on ""Human Development"", which covers issues such as education, health and governance. It also includes a section on ""Employment, Poverty and Social Dimensions"", which covers issues on employment, unemployment, safety nets for the poor and social dimensions of globalization.
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India Mosaic,The

Presents a collection of writings on the 'Idea' of India. This volume includes papers that talk about what India stands for and about what it should stand for.
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India Vision 2020+vision Docum.....

Examines many important issues which include employment and education. This work covers issues related to population growth, food production, health, vulnerable sections of the population, transport, communication, energy self-sufficiency, water conservation and air quality, trade investment, peace, security and governance.
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