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Biotechnology and Developement: Challenges and Oportunities for Asia

Biotechnology along with the other core technology viz Information Technology, is at the heart of technology revolution in Asia. A sequel to the ""Biotechnology Revolution and the Third World: Challenges and Policy Options"", this volume draws lessons from the experiences of Asian developing countries and revisits some of the concerns.
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Business Takeover and the Role of Financial Institutions in India

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Canonical Texts of English Literacy Criticism: With Selections from Classical Poeticians

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Corruption in India: The Roadblock to National Prosperity

Times of India poll on 7th May, 2002 showed that corruption is perceived to be the biggest problem facing the country ""the number one problem"". This work presents us the author's thoughts, ideas, and experiences on corruption and his vision of ""a corruption-free India.
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Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death

The ideological environmental movement is a powerful $4-billion-a-year US industry, an $8-billion-a-year international gorilla. Many of its members are eco-centric, and seem to believe that wildlife and ecological values are important than human progress or even human life. This book reveals a dark secret of the ideological environmental movement.
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Economic Reforms Sans Development: Selected Articles

Argues, the emphasis of reforms seems to be on exhibiting the form of the textbook characteristics of a liberalised, and open economy, at the cost of the substance of development: reduce State intervention and involvement in economic activities, and abolish all subsidies including food and interest rate subsidies to the poor.
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Emerging Trends in India Marketing in the 90's

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Exploration in Development Issues: Selected Articles of Nurul Islam

This volume presents the collected wisdom of a distinguished economist whose academic contributions have been enriched by his experiences in policy making.
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