50 FAQs on Renewable Energy: know all about renewable energy and learn to make use of it

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ISBN: 9788179935415
GTIN: 9788179935415
AuthorMohan, Shilpa
Pub Date22/11/2013
Country of OriginIndia
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Is renewable energy same as green energy? What is energy efficiency? What are energy labels? What is meant by energy security? How do we get electricity from wind? Why is building a dam often a controversial issue? What is biodiesel? What is the global renewable energy scenario? Know the answers to these, and 42 more frequently asked questions, on renewable energy, its various aspects, and impacts. Other titles in this series: 50 FAQs on Air Pollution (ISBN: 9788179934531) 50 FAQs on Climate Change (ISBN: 9788179935392) 50 FAQS on Global Warming (ISBN: 9788179934524) 50 FAQs on Waste Management (ISBN: 9788179935408) 50 FAQs on Water Pollution (ISBN: 9788179934593) Contents: Energy and its forms Renewable and non-renewable energy Green energy and renewable energy Types of renewable energy Benefits of renewable energy Global warming Fossil fuels Solar energy Photovoltaic (PV) cell Functioning of PV cells Leading countries using solar PV Solar energy scenario in India World's largest solar plant Electricity from wind energy Wind turbines and number of blades Windmills Wind farm World's largest off shore wind farm World leader in wind power production Geothermal energy World leader in geothermal energy Geothermal power plants and pollution Energy from water Electricity from tides Impactful hydroelectric dams Issues in dam construction Biomass Jatropha Biofuels Current biofuel scenario in India Ethanol as vehicle fuel Biodiesel Hybrid car Hydrogen as vehicle fuel Fuel cells Energy from landfills Renewable Purchase Obligation Renewable Energy Certificate Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion Nuclear energy and its pros and cons Fuel from algae Global renewable energy scenario Carbon capture Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Renewable energy scenario in India Energy labels Clean coal Energy efficiency Energy security Reasons to switch to renewable energy